About Real Life Citizen

Real Life Citizen is a real time online strategy game you can play for free. Team up with other players and take over government at any level. Strategize and compete against other players to become the richest in town. Play Well. Amass Wealth. Exert Control. Become Influential.
More like a cliche though is the above paragraph. Your mission is neither to take over government nor become the richest, but strategize so that you can have some level of control over other players. If taking over government during elections, or being able to appoint who does, and owning businesses and properties that make you so rich that your name is all over town will make you gain that control, then follow whatever works for you.
When starting the game, it is essential to plan out how you want to achieve your missions. For example, you can take a low paying job to make enough money to go to school and obtain a certificate. With a certificate, you can work on higher paying jobs. You can also decide to play bets or trade contraband with your money, to increase them. But remember that every action has consequences. You can plunder what others have, and you can protect yourself from being plundered by getting a security cover. Sickness can slow you down so make sure to treat yourself in hospitals when you get sick or better, get a health insurance.
When you have enough money, try and buy any business that is for sale, and employ people to make money for you. With good management of a business, you will make so much money that you can give out to people and towns and in return make them do your bidding. You can even get a nomination form for a political position from a party of your choice when there is vacancy, and with the people's support, you can represent them during elections. Representatives of towns can be voted for in public elections to become Mayor, Governor and President.
But the position of presidency is not enough to make you the most powerful because the richest and good strategists can still organise a better campaign to make sure you are not in control. It's all about the level of control you have and the team work.

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