Thursday, July 21, 2016

Navigating in Real Life Citizen

Navigating through a new system could be the most difficult part. Once navigations are clear, it would become easier to explore and discover product features. Navigating through RLC is very easy, as long as you understand a few things.

The world of RLC is divided into countries, with each country ruled by a President. Each country has its own states, governed by a Governor. Each state has its own cities, governed by a Mayor. Each city has its own towns, governed by a Town leader and Two Representatives. Each Town has streets where anyone can navigate through. Each street has blocks, and there is a structure at every block, except at the Park which leads to the deep forest.
For you to be able to move through countries, states, cities, towns, streets and blocks, you must take a look at this picture below.
When you click on it, locations drop down, like the screen below. Usually, this shows details from the town you live in, up till the world map. Assuming you have visited a Town, you will also find details of the town you visited, with a red navigation link you can click.
When you click on the red navigation link, you will get details of the town you visited, from town to country, assuming you need to navigate through it.

You can also navigate through the location levels when you are on the street view by clicking the name below any street. Take a look at this area.
You can click on the town, state, city, country and even streets. You can equally navigate through those locations when on a map of either a town, city, state and country by clicking on the name of the location at this area.

You can click on any of those areas bordered in red to directly access those locations. That's it for navigation.

Remember that you pay an entrance fee to access any town that is not your hometown. You lose the visiting license as soon as you visit another town, other than your hometown, or after 24 hours.

Now that you have learnt how to move up and down, and get to any street, checkout what you can do on a street.

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