Thursday, July 21, 2016

Getting Started - Registration & Login

Real Life Citizen lets you sign up by either verifying an email Address or a Facebook account. When you want to sign up, just go to the signup page and enter a name and email address, then visit your email and follow the link.

If however you are using Facebook to signup, just make sure you are logged into Facebook or you will be redirected to Facebook to login when you click on the blue login button.

Afterwards, you will be returned to a page where you will choose a username, password and gender. Those who registered via Facebook will be able to login with Facebook or their username/email and password afterwards while those who used email to authenticate will be able to use username/email and password to login.

Go to Android Playstore and search for Real Life Citizen or play via Facebook here if you are on a computer.
When you get to the Facebook App, or Android App or the website directly, just use your login details and start playing.

If you signed up through email, you can still get some bonuses when you connect your Facebook account. Those who signed up with Facebook will get the bonus instantly.

Once you are logged in, enter your Town. You will usually be brought into the first street in your Town, from where you can take off. Start playing to get into your Town.

Your Town view will look somewhat like the picture below:

Please learn more about navigation to understand how to move around in (Real Life Citizen) RLC. 

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