Thursday, July 21, 2016

Accessing a street view

When you are in a street, you will find trees, buildings, vehicles, gifts, people etc. and with a lot happening at once, you might find it difficult to focus. If you are just getting started, let us start with plucking a tree.
The trees in your hometown can only be plucked by you or fellow citizens. When trees are plucked, it usually will replenish in an hour. If you are opportuned to meet a ripe fruit, simply click on the tree.
If the tree is ripe, you will see a button to pluck. If not, you will be shown the last person that plucked it, and when it should be ripe.

Also, when at your street, you can pick up gifts travellers leave behind. Simply click on the gift and find a collect button. If gift is not ready, you will be shown a countdown of when it will be ready for pick-up.
Now, you can see structures around which inscriptions written on flowing banners. You can click on any of the structures to enter inside it. When you are inside a structure or block, you will be shown on the street view like the photo below.

You can click on anyone to interact with them. Be careful to not attract potential attackers. You will notice a car parked in front of that block. You can click on the car to find out about the owner and its worth.
You need transport/ride to move from one block to another. You can either use the transport facility offered at the transport terminal, or buy your own car.

Now that you have learnt what all these mean, you can start exploring every block one by one to find out what you can do in them.

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